We help our Partner Companies be highly responsive and accessible to their customers.

Responsiveness and Availability

At The Pool Management Group, we know how important service responsiveness and availability are to the customers and patrons of our Partner Companies. That's why we take steps to help them execute unfailingly on their service-level goals.

We know that your pool facility is an investment. So Our team builds in extra layers of support to keep pools open and operating smoothly.

We combine our national knowledge-base and other resources with our Partner Companies' local expertise to deliver quick diagnosis of equipment and water-quality issues.

Staff clock-ins for lifeguarded and attendant pools are automated and monitored from our Accurate Time Keeper center to ensure your pool is open on time each and every day.

We stay on top of critical industry issues for the benefit of our partners, even during the peak of the pool season. This includes monitoring water-quality education and inudstry best practices and keeping our Partners up-to-date on developments, to facilitate their rapid response to any water quality-related problems that might develop.

We even maintain management and technician backup teams, ready to deploy immediately to temporarily fill personnel gaps and provide deep extertise in specialized areas.

Our Partner Companies’ local resources, complimented by our operational strengths and experience, provide you and your patrons with extra layers of support to keep your pool open and operating optimally.