Below is a list of job opportunities available with The Pool Management Group and our Partner Companies:






President and General Manager

The President and General Manager will have overall responsibility for the operation of the local swimming pool management company. Tremendous opportunity for an experienced, driven individual looking for increased responsibility and income potential.… Learn more »

Pool Attendant

Working as a Pool Attendant is an opportunity to work outside during the summer. … Learn more »


Lifeguarding is a great summer job! Lifeguarding is a fantastic opportunity for you to work outside during the summer and with your friends.… Learn more »

Pool Manager

A Pool Manager of an aquatics facility will be directly responsible for all activities at that facility plus the staff and scheduling.… Learn more »

Aquatic Supervisor

The main function of an Aquatic Supervisor is to oversee the daily operation of their assigned commercial swimming pools, including operations and staff.… Learn more »

Concession Worker

A Concession Worker position offers the perfect summer job for teenagers and high-schoolers!… Learn more »

Aquatics Regional Director

Regional Directors need to be multifaceted individuals with the ability to work well with others and have strong time management skills. … Learn more »

Pool Technician

The companies within the Pool Management Group are in search of detail oriented individuals to oversee the operations of their maintenance only swimming pools.… Learn more »

Human Resource Management

We are searching for qualified individuals who are highly energetic and enthusiastic about recruiting potential Lifeguards and Pool Managers.… Learn more »

Swim Instructors

A Swimming Instructor position offers the perfect summer job for college students and experienced high-school students. … Learn more »

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