In 1977, Chris Davis and Jim Fraser founded the SwimAtlanta swim team. Today, SwimAtlanta is the largest swim team in the country, and has proudly placed a number of swimmers on the U.S. Olympic Team.

In 1983, Jim left coaching to pursue pool management, and Jim and Chris founded SwimAtlanta Pool Management. At SwimAtlanta Pool Management, Jim began to define, implement and refine premium pool services and processes, growing SwimAtlanta Pool Management into one of the most reputable pool companies in the country.  Along the way, Jim spent over 10 years on multiple Home Owner Association Boards of Directors.  The hand-in-hand customer work greatly enhanced his understanding of pool owners’ needs and helped shaped the SwimAtlanta business model into consistently operating from the customer’s perspective. 

Armed with a keen understanding of customers, proven operational processes, and high standards of doing business, Jim and Chris partnered with Jeff Gaeckle and began replicating their operational model across the country.  The three partners formed The Pool Management Group to serve as the parent company and operational support for its locations, known as Partner Companies.  

Each Partner Company has been co-founded by The Pool Management Group’s leadership, and rooted in the operational standards and commitments of our flagship company, SwimAtlanta Pool Management.  Today, our 16 Partner Companies are known for their responsiveness to customers, professionalism, risk mitigation strategies and excellent pool operations. They manage more than 750 commercial pools for homeowner associations, country clubs and municipalities.

Guiding Principles

Our founders, Jim Fraser, Chris Davis and Jeff Gaeckle, have lived by these principles, and credit them with the success that The Pool Management Group enjoys today.

We Make a Difference.

We have very important responsibilities: swimmers’ safety, the cleanliness of facilities, operating according to regulatory standards and creating a place where people enjoy themselves. We make a difference in people’s lives!

Lead to Win.

We want to be the leader in the swimming pool management industry. To achieve this, we must constantly learn, grow and innovate in areas like lifeguarding, safety, water borne illnesses prevention and operational excellence. 

Treat People Well.

We respect our partners, customers, employees, suppliers, consultants and others with whom we work, and we hope that they benefit from their relationship with us.